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Writing Course Gifts

The Gift That Keeps on Giving.

Everyone has a story they’d like to tell.

Often, when I tell people that I am an author and that I teach creative writing, they tell me about the stories they’d like to write: I’ve had this amazing idea for a story for years. I’d love to write about my life. I want to write a romance. I’ve always wanted to write a horror story. I want to write about my mum’s travels through India. I want to write a book for my son whilst he’s still little.

Everyone has a story. Not everyone writes their story.

Then, they tell me: But I wouldn’t ever be able to write it. I wouldn’t know where to start. I don’t have the time. No one would read it. I was hopeless at writing at school. (I hear this last line a lot.) I always answer: You absolutely would. You can learn. You do have time. They would. Who cares what anyone was like at school?

Everyone has a story. Everyone can write it.

A beginner’s writing course looks at character building, scene setting, dialogue, tone and genres. Do the exercises and weekly assignments and you’ll have planted the seeds of several original stories. You’ll have created fascinating characters who can carry a short story or novel. You’ll understand why setting matters and why dialogue needs to be a fine balance between what is authentic and what is interesting. You’ll figure out whether you want to write a happy, funny, sad, mysterious or frightening story. You’ll look at different genres.

You’re ready to tell your story.

After a beginner’s course, some writers (yes, you will now be able to call yourself a writer) want more lessons. You might want to find out about pace and story arcs, how to use flashbacks, how to place red herrings and surprise readers with plot twists. You might want to learn how to write a good argument, a drunk character, a romantic hero or an unreliable narrator. Or how to write a picture book, a farce or a monologue.

A writing course is a great gift to give your partner, mum and dad, grandparents, child, or friend. It’s the gift that says: Yes, you have a story to tell and here are the tools you need to tell it.

If you’d like to buy a beginner’s course or any course for someone who’s always wanted to write, please get in touch and I will send your lucky recipient a voucher. Also, anyone buying a writing course as a gift will receive a free one-hour one-to-one writing class of their own. As I said, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

© Deana Luchia


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