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Novel Coaching

How to reach 'The End'

Do you have a half-finished novel sitting in a drawer or on your laptop? If so, you’re not the only one. Finishing a novel is a mammoth task with writers having to keep on top of characters, story arcs, plot twists, dialogue, setting, pace, tone, voice and myriad other elements for hundreds of pages, all before coming up with an original and wholly satisfying ending.

As a novel coach, I provide a friendly, encouraging push to the finish line and help you get your work submission-ready (or ready to self-publish).


Whether you’re half-way through a novel, beginning a work of non-fiction, stuck in the middle of a script or are struggling to come up with a few more rhymes for your picture book, I can help you polish your prose and guide you to ‘The End’.

Coaching is all about establishing a connection with a writer. I create a friendly, relaxed and nurturing environment which allows writers to comfortably discuss their work and goals, to set realistic deadlines and to receive constructive and positive feedback.

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