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Pick & Mix Writing Classes

Choose from over 200 classes...

Whatever your level, you can also pick and choose from 200+ classes, allowing you to focus on specific topics and skills.


Popular classes include:

  • Writing confrontations

  • Creating likeable characters

  • Children’s fiction dialogue

  • Mothers in fiction

  • Creating baddies

  • Writing about change

  • Creating drunk characters

  • Writing about heartache

  • Writing a good break-up

  • Friendship groups in fiction

  • Nailing your protagonist’s voice

  • How to vary pace

  • Sibling characters

  • People and pets

  • Epistolary writing

  • Minor characters workshop

  • Switching tense

  • Unreliable narrators

New classes are added each week. For a full class list, and more details about each class, please get in touch.

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