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"Deana's advice is invaluable" - James Male/ Martin M. Quint

I am very lucky to have found Deana.

I was enthusiastically working on my first manuscript having a lovely time. Until I stopped and looked up to find I’d written myself into a tangled mess! Deana took this mess and untangled it. She quickly went through the first draft and got straight to the heart of the matter. She identified the key obstacles and got me back on track.

We’ve just completed our review of the second draft and Deana has once again done me an invaluable service. She is precise in her advice but never proscriptive. And firm where she sees failings, never placating.

Brilliant service. She has honed my manuscript into something which I couldn’t have produced without her. Something readable! And all in such a lovely easy manner.

Deana is ultra efficient and provides great value in her services. Always going further into my writing than I expect.

If you feel the pulse of excitement from your writing but also a sense of dread at the confused mess that can emerge, then, go ask Deana. Don’t be afraid, she won’t bite. But she won’t let you off the hook either. She’s been invaluable in my writing progress.

Keep up the good work. Writing does equal happiness as you’ve shown me. Thank you Deana! My final draft will be ready soon. Which is not meant to sound like a threat!!

James Male / Martin M. Quint

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