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"Deana is talented, funny and gives great feedback" - Claire

I have been doing Deana's courses for more than two years now on an ongoing basis. She is talented, funny and gives great feedback, both constructive and useful. My writing has developed enormously by doing her classes.

Although the classes are only an hour long, absolutely no time is wasted and every class, no matter what the topic, is really useful and enjoyable.

I have done longer courses (2.5 hours per class) through other organisations and I must say that Deana's have remained my favourite. Every class is different, covering a variety of aspects of writing and how to write different genres and even if one of the classes isn't where your interests lie, it doesn't matter because you pick up valuable tips and learn how to apply different tools which can be applied across any type of writing.

The way the classes are structured means that you don't have to attend every week which is really flexible. I would highly recommend Deana's classes. Overall, the classes are fun.

Claire Moffett


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